Startup Stock Photos began as a simple solution to a problem: where were all the free, high-quality stock photos of startup teams in startup settings?

In 2014, developer Eric Bailey and marketer Josh Krakauer pulled together photos of friends and familiar places, and the website was born.

Our mission: Completely free, useful, awesome photos for startups, bloggers, publishers, freelancers, designers, developers, creators, and everyone else.

Today, Startup Stock Photos have been downloaded by tens of millions around the globe and viewed billions of times. They’ve been made into trending memes, packaged into top-selling templates, and rank among the most popular photos on the largest stock photo websites.

We can’t wait to see what you build with them, too.

All photos are CC0 so you can use them for your project without credit. We appreciate the link and attribution, though it’s not required. For more FAQ, head here.

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Questions? You can send us an email here: startupstockphotos(at)gmail.com.

Go, make something awesome. 🚀

✌️ The Startup Stock Photos Team

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