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Can I use Startup Stock Photos for my [whatever] project?

Yes, assuming it’s legal, Startup Stock Photos images can be used for your project. Our photos have been used in templates, billboards, advertising, web backgrounds, mockups, and much more.

How do I provide proper credit?

Attribution is appreciated, but not required. Please consider adding a link back to our website and crediting “Startup Stock Photos.”

Can I advertise my product/service on startupstockphotos.com?

Please contact the creators here to discuss affiliate or advertising opportunities. Startup Stock Photos reaches tens of thousands of influential, tech-oriented users around the world.

Do you accept guest submissions?

If you would like to contribute original photography that will be seen by millions and used by creators around the world, please send us a message. Please note you will not receive compensation and all chosen photos will be uploaded with a CC0 license.

Who are the models?

The people featured in Startup Stock Photos are friends of the creators. They have verbally approved their use as stock photos. However, they were not compensated. Release forms will not be provided.

Who takes the pictures?

Largely, the images are shot by Eric Bailey. Eric is a Chicago-based designer, developer, photographer, entrepreneur and craft beer taster. Some shots were done by videographer Ian Servin, and friend Zach Sanderson.

Where were the pictures taken?

Locations in New York City, Iowa City, and Kansas City.