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Happy business man listening to a discussion in an office boardroom. Business professional sitting in a meeting with his colleagues.
Team of diverse partners mature Latin business man and European business woman discussing project on tablet sitting at table in office. Two colleagues of professional business people working together.
Happy middle aged business man ceo wearing suit standing in office using digital tablet. Smiling mature businessman professional executive manager looking away thinking working on tech device.
Confident rich eastern indian business man executive standing in modern big city looking and dreaming of future business success, thinking of new goals, business vision and leadership concept.
Happy relaxed young woman sitting on couch using cell phone, smiling lady laughing holding smartphone, looking at cellphone enjoying doing online ecommerce shopping in mobile apps or watching videos.
Teamwork meeting, tablet and business people in office workplace. Collaboration, technology and workers, men or employees with touchscreen planning sales, research or financial strategy in company
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